About SmartLynk PLUS

NEW - SmartLynk PLUS - a compact, portable/on-camera, two-channel audio mixer and monitoring device. NEW - the two 3.5 mm (TRS) microphone inputs NOW feature PLUG and POWER for non-powered as well as self-powered microphones.
Other SmartLynk PLUS Features: a record and playback interface to a SmartPhone/Tablet; The perfect companion to the SmartMyk or SportsMyk microphones; record to the MyMyk Camera Audio or MyMyk Reporter IOS apps; inbuilt powerful 250mW stereo headphone amplifier which allows you to monitor your sound input prior to and during recording; an AGC block circuit which removes unwanted AGC noise from the camera by overriding the camera's built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC); record external audio without the need to be attached to your DSLR or video camera; enables audio to be recorded simultaneously to two camera devices including SmartPhone / Tablet cameras.
NOTE: SmartLynk PLUS released in December 2015 supersedes the original SmartLynk released in October 2013.

RRP US$249

Product features

SmartLynk PLUS matches the performance of SmartMyk with Highly Defined Audio, incorporating the same high tolerance components, connectors and rotary audio controls used by leading audio manufactures of high end broadcast mixing consoles.

SmartLynk PLUS weighs an incredible 180gms including batteries, making it one of the lightest audio stations of its type on the market today. The body is made of polycarbonate ABS material which is extremely lightweight, while at the same time remaining strong and robust.

SmartLynk PLUS features Automatic Gain Control (AGC) blocker technology which prevents the camera from automatically deploying its internal automatic volume gain control, thereby preventing unwanted hissing noise on the recorded audio track.

SmartLynk PLUS employs two independent microphone inputs with individual input gain controls. The microphone inputs now support PLUG and PLAY, enabling non-powered microphones requiring between 1V and 3V to receive their power from SmartLynk PLUS.. The output can be mixed or split to independent outputs, or output to your camera/recorder or MyMyk Camera and Reporter IOS Apps.

SmartLynk PLUS works in conjunction with most SmartPhone and Tablets. The MyMyk Camera Audio and Reporter IOS Apps, available on the APP store, enable recording and file organisation, straight to the IOS device, monitor the levels being recorded with the graphic VU level meter display. Manage the files direct from the phone or tablet, listen back to the results immediately, then at the touch of a button send the files to the edit suite or another application. In IOS transfer the files via Air Drop.

SmartLynk PLUS features a 250mw per side stereo headphone amplifier providing ample power to drive any enclosed monitoring headphone for a clear highly defined audio signal, pre or post record. The amplifier will power two sets of headphones using a dual headphone adaptor.

SmartLynk PLUS features an all metal quick release cold shoe mechanism which allows it to be easily removed from the camera. The cold shoe can also be removed from SmartLynk PLUS to allow other attachments to be fitted to the internal 1/4 inch screw thread.

SmartLynk PLUS is proudly designed in Australia by a consortium of industry professionals from the sound, film and broadcast industries, combined with a team of highly skilled industrial and electronic designers with major contributions from many of Australia's leading location sound recordists and cameramen.